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Jodie comments I have been buying dance shoes for many years. There have been many times which I have purchased the wrong shoes, now with my experience I know where to buy dance shoes at the best prices. Dance shoes UK have impressed me the most, they have fantastic customer service and their prices are by far cheaper than most places. I also think it’s good that you allow your customers to buy dance shoes using PayPal. I haven’t tried Google checkout yet but I think it’s probably similar to PayPal.

Sammy comments for over eight years I have been dancing ballroom and Latin dance, I have seen many pairs of shoes go to the bin in a week or two, that’s why I buy from dance shoes UK. I like the fact that you test each brand before you accept to sell them. I have spoken to many people in the dance community who have recommended me to you and I can say you have done a wonderful job. I would like to become a tester if you need one, my friend told me that sometimes you give away dance shoes for free for testing. Please add me to your list, anyway the brand I would recommend most would be rotate UK.